Privacy Policy

Utah School of Phlebotomy takes personal privacy very seriously. Generally, the information requested by the Utah School of Phlebotomy will be used to provide a service to the user.  A description of Utah School of Phlebotomy's intended use of that information, how that information is collected, security measures Utah School of Phlebotomy takes to protect that information will be included in this privacy policy.

Utah School of Phlebotomy does not collect your personal information.  This website, however, does allow you to send us an email.  We will used the information you provide, such as an email address or phone number, only to respond to your inquiry.  Please note that email transmissions are not encrypted by default, so we suggest you do not send sensitive information such as Social Security numbers, credit card numbers, or bank account information via such contact forms.  All electronic messages received from visitors are deleted when no longer needed.  

Third- Party Websites and Applications

Utah School of Phlebotomy may use third party services to measure the number of visitors on the site. In such cases, the third-party application may request an email address, internet protocol (IP) address, and geographic location for account registration or sign-in purposes. Utah School of Phlebotomy does not use those third-party websites or services to collect personal information from individuals. Any personal information collected by the third-party website will not be stored or transmitted by Utah School of Phlebotomy. Utah School of Phlebotomy has no control over information or any other sensitive personal information provided to third-party websites.


Utah School of Phlebotomy does not take the security of your person information lightly. We take many precautions to ensure that the information we collect is secure and inaccessible by anyone out of our organization. These precautions include limiting access to that information  to personnel who require access to that information. We also use security technologies to protect all data stored on our servers and related systems. Our security measures are regularly upgraded and tested to ensure they are effective. All access safeguards described are in place to prevent unauthorized access by outsiders to information stored on or transmitted by our systems.

You can do the following at any time by contacting us via the email address or phone number given on our website.

1) Ask for a list of personal information we have about you, if any.

2) Request a change, correction, or deletion of your personal 


3) Request that we avoid collecting anything.

If you believe at any point we are not following this privacy policy as stated, please contact us immediately via email ( or via telephone  ((801) 898-9306).    

Cookies Notice

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